We are in final proof stages for Heart of Photography! This week we got our proofs to the designer, and next week we will sign them off. The book should be available for pre-sales as of July 15, and then for sale and delivery July 25.

We thank all our donors and supporters for your patience. This is where we will post the sales link when we get it, and of course, we will spread it all over social media. This is a beautiful book, and an exciting occurrence. More very, very soon!

Just in case you weren’t excited enough, here are two advanced praises for Heart of Photography:

In this beautiful second volume on the Nalanda Miksang Contemplative Photography training series, Miriam Hall and John McQuade lead us step by step into the ordinary magic of perception. They offer us a lens through which we can discover what it means to connect with the world around us through the heart to our direct experience of present moment communication. I’m deeply grateful for their dedication to these teachings and highly recommend this book.

Shambhala Acharya Susan Gillis Chapman, author of The Five Keys to Mindful Communication: Using Deep Listening and Mindful Speech to Strengthen Relationships, Heal Conflicts, and Accomplish Your Goals


The Nalanda Miksang contemplative photography practice of Level Two is both a traditional and modern way to connect with ordinary magic, which is the enlightened experience of art in everyday life. Through a regular practice of seeing, spontaneous awareness peels away the layers of delusion and depression that separates us from being in the present moment. Each step of the practice clarifies perception and attunes us with our inner awareness and experience of the world.

Emma JM. Ates, BFA, DTATI, Art Psychotherapist, Nalanda Miksang Contemplative Photography instructor, and author of the book Contemplative photo therapy: Group intervention for youth with anxiety disorders.