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Heart of Photography due out July 1, 2017!


Our second volume is at the designers now, and we are contemplating covers and layouts. It should be available to the public as of July 1. We will be posting links for pre-sales here and all over social media; donors should get their copies before then.

To read a blog post with a few excerpts of the new book, visit one of Miriam’s blogs (Inside Space) here.

Look for us on Facebook, which is the social media place we are most active. Here’s a link to our public page for Nalanda Miksang International, the Way of Seeing books page, and the Way of Seeing group page (where you can post images and get feedback from both Miriam and John!).

More very soon!

Looking and Seeing course on Shambhala Online, February 15, 2016.


For the second time, Shambhala Online is offering a Nalanda Miksang Level One course – aka Looking and Seeing. This course uses the text but also allows students a chance to share their photos with one another and includes a live call every week for six weeks with Miriam Hall, co-author of Looking and Seeing.

For more information or to register:


Class on Shambhala Online, starting August 27, 2015

2. Pattern of Many Patterns


Shambhala Online is offering a first-time class to accompany the new book with co-author Miriam Hall.

Follow this link for information and registration. This part-live, part social media-based class will allow readers a chance to share in groups, have lively discussions and go deeper with the practice in a social way. Sign up soon!

Now Available!


You can buy a copy from our Create Space site or on

Encourage your local libraries and bookstores to carry it. Contact us for information on bulk purchases.

Due out May 1, 2015!

Final final_Cover Proof.4296819

We have approved the cover (above) and the interior is going through its final changes. Link to buy the book should be up in next week or so, and official release is May 1! Thanks for your excitement and support. Keep coming back to check for changes in the website – slideshow galleries, quotes from book and Chogyam Trungpa, and more.

Publication Update February 2015

Hello and welcome to the website for the forthcoming book, Way of Seeing.

We are in the final stages of preparing to publish. The book, in other words, is almost there. Phew. Our hope is to have it available to order by April 1, 2015.

What do the final stages of putting out a book like this look like? Setting up our imprint: Drala Image Press. Line editing, which means paying folks to comb through the entire text looking for tiny inconsistencies and errors: are the same things always capitalized, are the apostrophes correct, etc, etc.

At the same time, we have a design team working on the cover and preparing the insides. The book has a smaller number of photos (fifty) than a lot of “photography” books – that’s because the main focus for this book, like the main focus for Nalanda Miksang overall – is about the practice, the view and the reflections. Pictures are important – significant! – but it is, after all, contemplative photography, not photography that happens to be contemplative. Contemplation is first and foremost in our minds, hearts and so in also the book.

We will keep you posted here and on social media. Miriam will be launching a Facebook page for the book and there’s already one for Nalanda Miksang, so find us there! As soon as we have a newsletter you can sign up for, we will make it.

Thanks for your interest and keep checking back as we fill in and enliven the website and news.

Miriam and John